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The Organization of the Musical Information

A guide for organizing and realizing the learning process through the combination of the scientific truths regarding the way our brain works and the deep understanding of how the instrument (bass) is used in order to express feelings.

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LAB | Music Education proudly presents:

Chris Coleman | Mike Johnston | Derek Roddy | George Kollias | Mike Kapilidis

'This will be one of the best drum camps in the planet!'
Gergo Borlai
'If you want to improve as a drummer, this is the place to be!'
Ralf Gottlieb
'This drum camp is really special!'
Virgil Donati
'Nobody will regret joining this camp!'
George Kollias

5 days of extreme drums training with some of the world's top drummers in an amazing location!

✓ You will attend 20 hours of top quality seminars

✓ You will jam with other drummers

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